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Benchmark Change Confidence 2023

Capability in delivering and adopting change has become essential as we experience ever increasing volumes of change.

To build this capability we need to make the case for investing in the skills and mechanisms to scope, plan, communicate and encourage change. Like you, I often need to advocate for investment of time and money in this capability building. I need to be able to point at others to demonstrate excellence and the negative consequences of not making this investment.

My team and I were so frustrated with the lack of relevant data in this area that we have commissioned a capability survey that assesses the level of confidence you have in your organisations ability to change and transform.

We assess six dimensions that together form the eco-system of effective change:

Does your organisation have a clear understanding of its level of change, and does it have mechanisms to stop activities, start new ones and be deliberate about the ones to continue?

Are the desired business and cultural results from change are consistently achieved and integrated seamlessly into operations to deliver maximum return on investment?

Does your organisation have a disciplined, structured approach to change deployment which equips individuals to drive change success?

Do your leaders speak with one voice about the change and can articulate the linkage between the strategy and the change initiatives?

Does your organisation recognise change as a capability and does it invest in training in this capability?

Does your organisation build resilience to enable staff to adapt to adversity, change, loss, and risk to deliver transformation?

This survey is in partnership with Truthsayers® using their neurotech platform which enables you to view the differences between what you think and how you feel – we are assessing your conscious, rational view and your sentiment and feelings.


The 2023 survey opens on Monday 18th September 2023. Register for the survey and be kept up to date on the insights from the 2022 survey.

To take part enter your details below:


To further enhance the change management profession, we need data and not just intuition to explain what we do and the value we create. I have partnered with Truthsayers®, who use neuroscience and behavioural psychology to underpin the survey design. This means the questions bypass conscious bias and quantitatively measure feelings, attitudes, and sentiment.

Structure of the survey

The survey is based on six core components of capability:

1. Agility
2. Resilience
3. Alignment
4. Capability
5. Approach
6. Adoption 

You will be asked to respond to approximately 45 statements to gain an insight into your approach in each of these areas.

The survey can be taken in over 30 different languages and accessibility options are available.

Why Participate?

As a contributor, you will receive a copy of the benchmarking results which provides anonymous analysis on the consolidated responses including commentary and insights on key issues.

You will also receive a contributor only individual report showing your results against the anonymous aggregate results.

You will be invited to attend the results event – there is a face to face event in London and an online event for our global audience. The results event is reserved for contributors and will include guest speakers from the change management profession. There will be an official launch of the results in January 2024 to which you can invite colleagues to hear a summary of the key findings.


Following the launch, you will have the opportunity to join the Capability for Change working group to discuss key findings from the 2023 report, and work with other participants to identify solutions to the common challenges we experience.

Who can participate?


We must achieve a difficult balancing act. We need sufficient responses to get statistically valuable data, but we need to ensure that the responses are based on a similar level of responsibility for creating the change management capability within organisations. For this reason, we are restricting participation to invitation only but hope you will volunteer or share these details with your own Director/Head of Change Management and Transformation.  

How will your data be used

All data is anonymously correlated and anonymously published in the public domain. 

Your personal data is only collected and stored for use in strict accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found here.